StackOverflow Basically Solves World Hunger, Makes New Code Reference Site

Massively popular online code Q&A community StackOverflow recently added a major new feature to its product: a crowdsourced, quality-controlled programming / code reference site. As a long time programmer, I have had the pleasure and the pain of having to rely on “official” code reference websites to get past coding hiccups, syntax problems, and general reference lookups. Some of them do a great job, particularly the newer projects and languages that came of age during the good-UX revolution of the last several years, but older reference sites sometimes are horrible. Case in point: the MySQL documentation is about as hard to use as it gets. Luckily StackOverflow just turned the attention of its mob of a user base toward the problem of documentation, and boy is it just lovely.

To compare, here’s MySQL’s existing documentation.

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And here’s the new StackOverflow stuff. With good stuff upvoted and everything!

StackOverflow MySQL INSERT

Thanks StackOverflow!

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