How I Discovered the Strange Economy for Kristin Stewart Media on Twitter

I recently went to see the movie American Ultra, which I liked. I looked it up on Rotten Tomatoes to see what the expert feedback was for the film, and saw that it had been kicked around for being a garbage movie. Surprised by this, I tweeted about it, and got a strange reaction.


I quickly started getting a bunch of likes, follows, and retweets. This is strange because, as a technologist, I typically don’t get this kind of rapid response from my tweets.

After I got over the novelty of the amazing numbers (haha), I started to notice that all of them either had a profile picture of Kristin Stewart, or they mentioned her in some way, and it was usually in reference to them being a super fan. It seemed automated.

What was interesting is that I didn’t mention Kristin Stewart, just the movie she was in, American Ultra. Also, I find it funny because it wasn’t even a great tweet. It has a typo in it, and is generally just a comment. Nothing special. Yet I still receive a steady stream of user engagement from this tweet.

It is very likely that all of these engagements are automatically performed by twitter bots that were designed to like and repost things that are related to Kristin Stewart. Its almost like an electronic cult of personality.

My real curiosity is whether or not that is something is perpetuated by people within her PR team, or if there are just weirdo fans out there programming bots in her honor.

Strange. :)

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