I May Have Heard About Google Alphabet Before Its Press Release

A couple weeks ago, I was flying to San Diego from San Fransisco airport, and I was sitting next to a young guy who was working on his laptop, doing animations for a video teaser / pow piece for a thing called Alphabet.

I asked him what he did, and he was very tight-lipped about it, and googley people are the only people i know who act like that about their jobs. Not to mention, there were at least 3 other Google employees on that flight. They were wearing all of their Google gear. Anyway, the kid next to me was working on this animation.

Each letter in the word “Alphabet” had some invention next to it corresponding to the letter. One letter had a rocket ship, another one had a satellite, etc.

Now that we have seen the news about “Alphabet” which is Google’s new plan to split the company into a bunch of separate business entities, that very well may have been related to what my flightmate was working on. If so, I have to wonder if that was a reckless thing to do. I could have been a lot nosier than I am, and he certainly wasn’t keeping his work out of view.

It’s a small world, huh?

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