In Search of Rodriguez

I recently had a conversation with my father about our favorite Netflix documentaries, and Searching For Sugarman came up. He explained that the film had won an academy award, for good reason, and was unfortunately not available for viewing on Netflix.

Soon after, he lent me access to his Amazon Prime account so I could watch it. So we sat down and watched it. Needless to say, immediately upon finishing the film, I found myself experiencing a kaleidoscope of feelings about what I had just seen.

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Don’t Write Obstructionist Javascript Plugin Code

I’m doing a massive refactoring project of our javascript codebase at work right now. The old codebase is about 100 files worth of MooTools-based javascript that is heavily coupled to our views and interfaces. In order to implement a different clientside library, I need to undo a lot of the ties that forcefully link MooTools to the code, a lot of which could have been easily avoided if the plugin writers had taken a couple extra considerations when writing the plugins we use.

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Twitter and Stuff

Recently I decided to start tweeting again, not because I really find it useful, but because for some reason or another, people use it a lot to connect with other likeminded people. I figured I was probably going to need it if I wanted to get to know other people in my technical ecosystem.

You can follow me at @KrisDevelops, and drop me a line some time. :)