StackOverflow Basically Solves World Hunger, Makes New Code Reference Site

Massively popular online code Q&A community StackOverflow recently added a major new feature to its product: a crowdsourced, quality-controlled programming / code reference site. As a long time programmer, I have had the pleasure and the pain of having to rely on “official” code reference websites to get past coding hiccups, syntax problems, and general reference lookups. Some of them do a great job, particularly the newer projects and languages that came of age during the good-UX revolution of the last several years, but older reference sites sometimes are horrible. Case in point: the MySQL documentation is about as hard to use as it gets. Luckily StackOverflow just turned the attention of its mob of a user base toward the problem of documentation, and boy is it just lovely.

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In the wake of the news that borderline tabloid news website is being shut down after losing a $125,000,000 lawsuit against former TV-wrestling celebrity Hulk Hogan, the news mills around the web have been churning out a lot of very interesting content. While I’m not a big fan of reading gossip, this internal document of company writing standards and how-to’s that provides to its writers is a very interesting read, indeed.

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Creating Sitemaps for Very Large Websites is Tricky

Over the weekend, I started working on creating a sitemap for my business research project. I made one permanent url per company page and one permanent url per sic category.

The result is a theoretical sitemap that is about 605,000 items long. That’s a lot of XML, which means a LOT of data, which means the sitemap.xml is like… 20-50 megabytes. What could possibly go wrong.

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Material Design vs Twitter Bootstrap

I’ve been arbitrarily using Twitter bootstrap for my projects for years now. This week, I cracked open the lid on Google’s design framework “material design”. The following is a comparison of the two design methodologies.

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How to Build a GrEAN Stack Application

There are all sorts of “stacks” out there… MEAN, WISP, LAMP. Today, I introduce you to a new one that I’m working on. — GrEAN. It stands for Graph – Express – Angular – Node.

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Machine Learning Use Cases Per Algorithm

When you start learning about machine learning, its easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of different types of machine learning there are. Here is a list of the types of algorithms that one can use, and when you should use them.

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